Welcome to WillNour Ltd. providing the best possible service in Construction, Oil and Gas services, as well as the highest quality Raw Materials imported from Egypt.

Willnour Ltd. being established in 2018 is cooperating with the finest and most successful factories and companies in Egypt to provide the best services needed in the rising fields of Construction and Oil services in Cyprus

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Trading of Raw Materials

Our company imports very high quality raw materials such as:
   • Cement
   • Granite
   • Ceramics
   • Marble
These raw materials will help in our other field of construction.


Our second field involves the building of residential and commercial offices, maintenance workshops and warehouses. This will contribute to our third and last field of oil and gas services

Oil and Gas Services

Our third field involves providing facilities for exploration companies which includes heavy equipment rentals such as Cranes and Forklifts,etc, as well as Yard Storages and Warehousing, Shipping and Transportation Services, and finally, Office Space and Equipment.